Care Tips

2-Minute Leather Expert Guide

All Jaxson Lloyd Wallets are made of Full Grain Leather

Leather Overview

Leather products can generally be classified into four types, listing from the lowest to the highest quality: synthetic leather, genuine leather, top grain leather, and full grain leather.

*Note: Suede leather is the soft underside of an animal skin. Therefore, is not included in the list


Upscale Leather Products

Upscale leather products are synonyms with top grain and full grain leather. The main distinction between the two, aside from the quality and durability, is that top grain leather end product generally has a more clean look, while full grain leather has a vintage, rugged look.


Highest Quality Leather

Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable out of the four general leather classifications. One of the most common historical use of full grain leather is for horse saddles (hence the code name, crazy horse leather). The same highest quality leather that is used for horse saddles around the world that can withstand extreme weather, temperature, season, and humidity changes is now engineered to fit in your pocket.



However, putting it bluntly, this engineered highest quality leather is not for everyone. Since full grain leather is the outermost part of a cowhide, it comes with irregularities, such as scratches and color fading. While leather specialists, vintage collectors, and many others look at it as a thing of beauty, some look at it as an imperfection.


Manufacturing Process

Engineering and assembling an end product that you hold in your hand is just half of the manufacturing process. The other half will be entrusted completely to you. No Jaxson Lloyd wallets are the same, each wallet will have a very distinct and unique characteristics at the end of the day. Every scratch, rub, wear and tear will change the natural color of the leather. Each wallet ages uniquely and distinctly with its respective owners. The best part of the 'manufacturing process' is letting your wallet mature, change its color, fade its scratches with you, according to your daily use.


Care Tips from the Co-Founder

The majority of our population likes their beloved belongings flawless (that’s why tempered glass screen protectors, shock proof phone cases, nano coating, and many other product protection exist). No exceptions even for myself. The first time I scratched my full grain leather phone case, wallet, and Apple Watch band was very frustrating as I naturally like them flawless. But I realized as the case and wallet age, the scratches began to fade, the natural color grew darker, the imperfections I caused perfects the aging process of the leather.

Overlook the minor scratches and don’t try to accelerate the aging process. Don’t over or under protect your wallet, use it naturally, and your wallet will age naturally and beautifully.


P.S. Jaxson Lloyd's Full Grain Leather Wallet is equipped with RFID Protection! 'Safe travels' is not just a statement anymore with Jaxson Lloyd